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Your First Consultation is Free: Consultation 5: Hustle and Grow

Sep 07, 2022 03:47PM ● By Kara Self

Welcome to our final consultation!

Through our time together, I hope I have been able to inspire you as a small business owner, entrepreneur, or as a person all together!

We all have so much to learn as we navigate through this life and I appreciate the ability to spread some positive advice and guidance through the column over the last few months.

To give those that have been following the column a final push of the true success that your future can hold, I have entitled this consultation, Hustle and Grow!

One word that describes a successful entrepreneur is grit.

It takes grit to navigate the process of entrepreneurship.

It can be tough to work harder than everyone, work longer hours, take risks with no guarantee of success, and have no way of knowing if you are making the right choices.

The unknown is something that is frightening and it takes a special person to take these risks and shoot for the stars by building your own business.

If this is you, congratulations! You are awesome! You are amazing! You deserve all the praise in the world!

How do you do it?

This is something I am asked often.

The answer I came up with is what I refer to as “hustle and grow”.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have a constant hustle about them.

They are always working, always looking for opportunity, almost always available, always networking, always looking for customers, always checking in with customers and much much more!

This is the hustle.

My advice for an upcoming entrepreneur is to be ready to hustle; you have to put serious work in to make your dream happen and to make your business successful.

This does not mean to just spin your wheels by doing busy work that is not getting you anywhere, but it means to strategically work hard and hustle to get where you want your business to be.

It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

You will have something tied to your business that can never be taken from you.

You have your hustle and your heart that you have poured into your business.

Secondly, when thinking of how I move forward effectively I think about growth.

I try to learn constantly through others and through experience.

No matter your age, education, or class, you can always learn from other’s experiences and expertise.

The more people that understand this, the better equipped we will be to grow together and flourish together in our local community.

We can work together and build so much faster!

This is the growth mindset that enables the entrepreneur to excel at moving forward through the process on tough days.

When it gets discouraging, leaning in and reaching out to other business owners and growing together can help.

In closing, always remember that stepping out and going for your dream is something that is special!

You are capable, ready, and qualified!

May your journey be filled with learning, success, and above all…happiness!

As the years pass, remember to take the lessons learned and help others grow along the way.

Remember we are all in this together and when we win together we make the world a better place for all of those that come after us!

 Kara Michelle Self is the owner of Inspired Events, by K. Michelle and the business developer and Market Manager at the New Rabbit Creek Market. Kara has a passion for helping Women achieve success in the entrepreneurial world, which has led her to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Entrepreneurship.
Inspired Events has led Kara to work with Women Wednesdays as coordinator of the “Her Business is Blooming” campaign.
Kara is in the Entrepreneurship Incubation Program at Domi Station. To feel you can not accomplish something or do not have the means, only means you should have a seat next to Kara to hear more of her story and the power of overcoming and making a way for yourself.