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4 Ways to protect your home from mosquitos in Tallahassee

Aug 11, 2023 06:57PM ● By Cristi Mc Kee

The summer season in Tallahassee might as well be called mosquito season. While these flying insects pack an irritating bite, they can also carry diseases that are harmful to you and your family. Avoiding them may be inevitable, but there are several ways to safeguard your home from the insects. Here are five ways to protect your home and person from pesky mosquitoes in your home. 

Add oil of lemon eucalyptus to your space

Adding oil of lemon eucalyptus to areas in your yard can help create a mosquito barrier. Mosquitoes reportedly avoid these smells. 

Change water in pet bowls, vases, and bird baths

Standing water acts as a breeding ground for pesky mosquitoes. Changing water in any pet bowls, vases, and bird baths in and around your home at least once a week can help limit spaces for mosquitoes to breed. 

Use citronella candles

Citronella candles are often used as mosquito repellents in yards. Place them around your outdoor area as a way to add some light to the area and get rid of mosquitoes. 

Add screen mesh to any pipes - Adding removable screen mesh to pipe openings and outlet ends of overflow pipes can deter mosquitoes from entering your house.