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CycleBar opening in The Gallery At Market Street

Apr 15, 2023 12:39PM ● By Cristi Mc Kee

CycleBar, a national cycling studio, will be coming to Tallahassee this month.

Located in The Gallery At Market Street at 1413 Market Street, Tallahassee local and Florida State University alumni Chris and Sarah Gosselin own this new spot.

The franchise was purchased in 2022 and is set to open sometime this month.

CycleBar boasts of low-impact and high-intensity indoor cycling sessions for people of all ages and body types.

These studios are typically home to 10+ instructors and 45 bikes. Classes are generally full of high-paced energy, fast-paced music and enthusiastic instructors.

The cycling studio has set up promotions all over town as of late, partnering with local health-base businesses to spread awareness about its opening. 

You can sign up for a CycleBar member online on the location’s website now, and be able to sign up for scheduled classes sometime in the new future.

Currently, there are a number of promotions and discounts you can use for pre-membership fees as available, which you can find by visiting