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Midtown's The Hideaway changes name, menu

Apr 15, 2023 12:32PM ● By Cristi Mc Kee

Midtown lunch and brunch spot, “The Hideway,” recently announced that it has completely rebranded.

The restaurant, located just behind popular bar, “Waterworks,” is now going by the name “Snakebird Cafe at Waterworks.”

Owners of the restaurant posted on Facebook to announce the change.

“After improving the look and creating a new menu, it’s time to change the name from The Hideaway to one that has a more local connection to all of us,” owners said.

Snakebird refers to anhingas, slender, dark water birds often seen at local lakes and ponds.

The Mid-Century style cafe serves up weekday lunch and weekend brunch every day, offering sandwiches, egg dishes, coffee drinks and more.

The new menu can be found below.