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10 years of biking it around Tallahassee

Dec 01, 2022 04:01PM ● By Ashley Hunter

In 2012, Tallahassee local Ron Goldstein came up with a unique idea for transportation in Tallahassee.

During a trip to New York City, Goldstein happened to be in the Big Apple around the same time that a taxi strike was taking place in the city; the lack of vehicle cabs left one alternative for transportation in New York City: pedicabs.

Pedicabs are a tricycle with a two-seat passenger area in the back - and Tallahassee had nothing like it at the time.

When Goldstein came home to Tallahassee, he brought the idea of a pedicab with him, and by the end of 2012, he and his son, Mike Goldstein, had put together the start of a business that is now celebrating 10 years in 2022.

Capital City Pedicabs, a transportation service for Railroad Square, the campus area of Tallahassee, all the way to Cascades Park, has been offering rides and showcasing Tallahassee’s beautiful sights with an open-air cycling experience like no other since 2012.

Ron Goldstein worked with the local government, and Mike Goldstein said his father was able to see the future of what was coming, growth-wise, for Tallahassee.

“He took an idea, and brought it to Tallahassee,” said Goldstein.

“We’ve hit 10 years - our next goal is hitting 10 more,” he said. “This is a legacy business.”

Since 2012, Goldstein says he and his company have had a gradual increase in awareness and community interest, and at 10 years, they are now working to further concrete themselves in the business, transportation, and tourism communities of Tallahassee.

“We are more than a bike ride. We are a marketing tool, a conversation starter, and a community asset,” said Goldstein. “Marketing with us is a building block to more.”

For business partners, Capital City Pedicabs offers affordable marketing through logos on drivers’ shirts, sponsored rides, and cab banners.

In order to survive the next 10 years, Goldstein says he is looking for more drivers, more business partners and sponsors, and a greater day-to-day presence in the service area.

“We need people to utilize us more,” said Goldstein. “We need people to hop in for a ride.”

Capital City Pedicabs offers tours of Railroad Square and the Florida State University campus; they also are open to be hired out by events that need transportation for attendees.

A ride on a pedicab is more than just a ride.

“It’s an experience. You never know what’s going to happen on the back of that bike. Every ride we do is different,” said Goldstein. “It’s always more than a ride.”

If your company is interested in sponsor opportunities, contact Mike Goldstein through Capital City Pedicabs LLC’s Facebook page.