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5 Reasons to shop local this Black Friday

Nov 03, 2022 02:46PM ● By Cristi Mc Kee

Black Friday is coming up, and so is the opportunity to take advantage of the best deals on toys, clothing and electronics at your favorite stores.

While purchasing some items from big box retailers is money-efficient and overall inevitable, you should also consider shopping at locally-owned Tallahassee businesses this Black Friday.

Here’s why. 

You’re supporting fellow residents of Tallahassee:

Locally owned Tallahassee shops are operated by fellow residents of our beloved capital city.

When you shop locally, you get the chance to directly support your neighbors.

There are more locally customized items to choose from:

Many local shops sell Tallahassee-inspired products, like hand painted mugs with maps of Tallahassee on them, framed photos of the scenery Tallahassee has to offer, hand-sewn garnet and gold blankets, and the like.

When you shop local, the selection of Tallahassee-inspired gifts is nearly endless. 

You’re making an investment in your community:

When you shop local, you’re not only making an investment in a local business owner as an individual but in the thriving Tallahassee business community as well.

You’re getting special, one-of-a-kind products:

When you shop local, you often have the chance to purchase special, unique, one-of-a-kind products that cannot be found anywhere else.

You’re helping to create more local jobs:

Local businesses need employees, and by shopping at these local businesses, you help to create more jobs in the Tallahassee community.