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Fully Booked - New nature trail brings literacy into the outdoors

Sep 07, 2022 03:33PM ● By Ashley Hunter

It’s time to let a love of reading in Leon County take a front seat!

In late August, the Leon County government in partnership with Knight Creative Communities Institute and Friends of the LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library unveiled a group project between the three groups.

At Pedrick Pond Park, the Fully Booked project has been unveiled and opened up to the public.

What is the project?

Dreamed up by Knight Creative Communities Institute, the Fully Booked project is a new form of storytelling in Leon County, through the use of a Wander and Wonder Trail.

Through the use of books and the preexisting nature trail at Pedrick Pond Park, the Fully Booked project encourages families to get outdoors and stretch their imaginations.

The Wander and Wonder Trail allows park visitors to grab their walking shoes and take a hike while following trail-markers that are multi-purposed as book pages; as visitors walk through the nature trail, they can also enjoy a book that expands the mind and imagination.


Currently, the book on display at the Pedrick Pond location is Senorita Mariposa, a book that details the life cycle of Monarch butterflies; the book is available in both English and Spanish.

Panels of the book are set up throughout the Wander and Wonder trail, and include interactive questions and encourage families to keep their eyes peeled for local plants and animals.

The Pedrick Pond Trail includes book-shaped benches for families to sit, and an encouragement for readers to check out the books inside the library.

The Pedrick Pond Park Trail is the first of its kind, but come September, it won’t be the only of its kind.


On September 8, the Leon County Fort Braden Branch Library will receive its own Wander and Wonder Trail, and on September 22, the Leon County J. Lewis Hall Sr. Woodville Park and Recreation Complex will open a trail as well.