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Keeping your cool when summer is sizzling

Jul 14, 2022 11:52AM ● By Cristi Mc Kee

Summer in Tallahassee can be brutal, and oftentimes become so hot that heat indexes make their way into the forecast.

By June, temperatures crept into the 100s, and heat exhaustion is during these conditions is common.

The United States National Weather Service in Tallahassee urges Tallahassee residents to be mindful of heat exhaustion symptoms and reminds you to check on your friends, pets and family members, too. 

According to National Weather Services Tallahassee Meteorologist in Charge, Felecia Bowser, what many people don’t know is that heat is the number one weather-related killer.

Because of this, it’s important to take precautions while out in this heat.

Bowser reminds us, “Heat is not gonna stop! We’re in a heat wave and we will get rain, but it’s going to keep coming.”

Check out these helpful tips on how to stay cool during Tallahassee heat indexes:



If you’re inside:

Stay hydrated — Drinking plenty of fluids throughout the course of the heat index will help your body cool down throughout the day. Bowser says to try to drink water as opposed to sugary drinks.

 Draw the blinds — Drawing the blinds or curtains helps keep the heat from outside make its way through to the inside of your home.

Stay inside — If possible, staying indoors — so long as there is functioning air conditioning or cooling fans operating (if the temperature is below 95 degrees) — helps to keep heat exhaustion from occurring. If you must go outside, Bowser recommends getting outside as early in the morning as you can. 

Wear light clothing — Avoiding wearing heavy materials will reduce the chance of heat exhaustion occurring.

If you’re outside:

Stay hydrated — Staying hydrated, especially if you’ll be outside while the heat index is in effect, will help keep your body temperature stabilized and will keep you from experiencing dehydration.

Take breaks — Taking breaks and giving yourself time to rest while outside is an important step in maintaining a healthy body temperature and avoiding overheating.

Wear a hat — Whether you’re in the shade or not, wearing a hat that is wide enough to cover your face is important to do during a heat index such as this one.

Bring a fan — Keeping a battery-powered fan with you if you plan to be outside will keep airflow continuous. Remember: fans do not actually reduce body temperature, they just make the immediate surrounding environment more comfortable in terms of airflow.

Avoid high-energy activities — Try not to undergo any strenuous activities while outside in these temperatures. These activities increase body temperature and increase the chance of getting heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Bowser says that if you must engage in activities such as these, you should take frequent breaks if you can, ideally in the shade or air conditioning.