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The Northside Stage holding annual Musicfest this July, returning after hiatus

Jul 14, 2022 11:44AM ● By Cristi Mc Kee

The annual Musicfest held by the Northside Community Center, 8005 Oak Grove Road, is making a comeback at the end of the month with Musicfest 2022.

On July 23, this year’s event will take place from noon until 9 p.m. at the center. 

Musicfest is a day-long event that features performances by local artists, including musicians and vocalists alike, as well as educational classes and workshops where you can learn about songwriting, improv, and more throughout the day.

This free event is perfect for all music lovers and also includes jam sessions and group lessons taught by the top musicians in Tallahassee. 

Sarah Roeber, the Director of Northside Stage for the past six years, says that this year’s Musicfest “includes some old friends and new faces to Northside Stage.”

“I’m especially excited that father/son team Leon and Nygel Anderson will be presenting a drum clinic during one of our workshops,” Roeber adds. “Nygel‘s quintet will be the headliner for the event playing at 7 p.m. and featuring some great young jazz players.”

The center, operated by Wildwood Presbyterian Church, located at 100 Ox Bottom Road in Tallahassee, founded The Northside Stage in 2012 with the purpose of connecting local and regional artists with audiences.

The church has been putting on free concerts in Northeast Tallahassee since the fall of 2012, and began to hold Musicfest in 2019.

“I love connecting with local artists, getting to know their stories, and watching them connect with the community,” Roeber said. “It’s wonderful that we can find community in our shared love of music.”

The performance and workshop lineup for the day is as follows:

12 p.m. - Colleen Nixon (on the main stage).

1 p.m. - Sasha Tuck, Hot Tamale (gallery sets).

2 p.m. - David Paul Zimmer (on the main stage).

3 p.m - Blues Jam, led by Soul Medicine (gallery set).

4 p.m - Seep’s Gumbo Madness (on the main stage).

5 p.m. - Maebh’s Mavericks, Boo Radley, and Joshua Rivers (gallery sets).

7 p.m. - Nygel Anderson Quintet (on the main stage).

Workshops throughout the day will be as follows:

1 p.m.

Kris Criado, instructing Synth/Keys Technique workshop.

Srini Kishore, instructing Rhythm patterns in Indian Classical Music workshop.

2 p.m.

Brett Wellman, instructing Blues Guitar workshop.

Sasha Tuck, instructing Vocal Mic Technique workshop.

3 p.m.

Maebh’s Mavericks

4 p.m.

Leon Anderson, instructing a drum clinic.

Joshua Rivers, instructing vocal harmonies workshop.

5 p.m.

Chris Seepersaud

“Wildwood Church and the Northside Community Center and Northside Stage are excited to be able to offer this event as a gift to our neighbors,” Roeber concluded. “I hope many of you come and enjoy the day!”